Episode 1 - 175th Reunion

Video Transcript: Man pulling out a box from the interior wall.

Dr. Geeslin: Wow, the time capsule! We found this time capsule in the basement of Willard Hall at the Indiana School for the Deaf, built in 1907. As we look back, the Indiana School for the Deaf was founded in 1843...stay tuned.

Stay tuned for next week as we release our second mini episode on Wednesday, May 15th!

Episode 2 - 175th Reunion

Dr. Geeslin: We have found great things. I want to thank our Indiana Deaf Museum Historian, Kristina Johnson, who has been planning the exhibit for you to see at the 175th Reunion!

Episode 3 - 175th Reunion

Final Episode: 

Dr. Geeslin: The important thing is that the letter is made out to you! It says to the unknown reader, and that's you! Should I open it now? Should I open? Naw, I'm going to wait for you to come to the ISDAA Reunion for the 175th Anniversary. Go! Get your ticket for $100 now! I will open the letter during the banquet where everyone sits together watching at the same time! See you there! 

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase the 175th Reunion Ticket! Go to www.175thisd.com/reunionand get yours now!

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How to Register for 175th Reunion

For Questions /  Contact 175th@isd.k12.in.us

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